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Benefits of Custom Closed Die Forging in Our Company

Our company customizes different kinds of closed die forging products, for instance, drive and axle components for the commercial automotive industry, drilling attachments for mining technology, forged fittings for oil and gas industry, as well as other complex geometrical structures for construction & agricultural machinery, offshore industry, aeroplane industry, ect.

Wide range application of closed die forgings with superior quality and reasonab
le price from our company bring us an excellent reputation all over the world, so we are now growing fastly and exporting products at an increased capacity. The use of high-grade steels means that our products offer a particularly long working life.

Each of the closed die forgings made in our company is unique. We work with our customers all the time to develop individual solutions and put them into production tailored to their specific application. We fulfill complex specific requirements with regard to form, tolerances and material. the particular advantage of us is that we have our own moulding and machining workshops, as they enable us to respond flexibly to customer requests and requirements and to meet the desired delivery times reliably. We also have a special service that the closed die forgings can be shipped according to our customers' packaging regulations.

The benefits of custom closed die forgings from us:
  • Tight tolerance to save machining cost
  • Mechanical properties adapted precisely to the relevant use
  • Advanced closed die forging process 
  • District quality control system after each procedure
  • Perfect dimensional accuracy in accordance with drawing specifications
  • Timely and convenient delivery 

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