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Arrange a Visit to Drop Forging Company before Ordering?

It is a custom process for manufacturing drop forgings, so there exsits difficulty to develop a new product. We all know that there are different requirements for different products, some just require drop forging only, some require machining to reach tighter tolerances and some require heat treatment......So it is really unknown that if the potential suppliers we choose are suitable. If buyers would like to custom cheap drop forgings from China with good quality, it is really necessary for them to arrange a visit before ordering.

So when visiting,what should purchasers pay attention to?

*What is the scale of the company?

The scales of a forging company will decide its capability. A scaled drop forging company should have more than 80 staff. Like our company,there are about 150 staff, which is the largest drop forging company in Ningbo. It does not mean small scale drop forging company can not supply high quality products, at least its production ability is limited, and we can not say the lead time is ensured.

*Is the drop forging factory ISO Certificated?

ISO certification is the basic aptitude for purchasers to cooperate with a drop forging company. Without ISO certification, purchasers do not to consider at all as they have no ability to ensure good quality and lead time. For automotive forgings, suppliers should also have TS16949 certification.

*What kinds of drop forgings do the factory supply?

In terms of material, common drop forgings are steel forgings, copper forgings and aluminum forgings. And in general, each factory is just professional in one of them. For example, if you need to custom steel forgings, but the drop forging factory you visited is just a aluminum forging factory, so they can not make for you expect for outsourcing, otherwise, po can not be placed to them. And Fly Forge company is the right forging company of steel forgings for your selection.

*Is it available for drop forging company to do machining as well?

Although there will be good surface finish and tight tolerance after drop forging process, it does not mean machining is not required. For tighter toletances, we have to meet by rough machining or precision machining. And in most cases, drop forging suppliers have to outsource machining factory to finish this job, but for our company, we have our own machining workshop, so we can finish forging and machining all in our factory, which is be good for both quality control and pricing.

*What is the QC(quality control) procedure of this factory?

QC procedure is also quite important for visiter to notice to. It will directly affect the quality of your products. Without a completed QC procedure, it is difficult to say there will be no defects after production. Fly Forge has a strick and through QC procedure, and each step will be checked by our professional QC person, so there is no need to worry about quality problems for you to purchase drop forgings from our company.

Above are just some main points for purchasers to refer to. We,Fly Drop Forge Co.,Ltd, will warmly welcome your visiting to our company, just pls contact us while you have purchasing plan for steel forgings, we will try our best to offer you our best prices for reference first.

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