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Aerospace Forgings

Besides automotive forgings, aerospace forgings can also be customized in our drop forging company. Compared with drop forgings used in general machinery manufacturing industry, aerospace forgings have the following three characteristics:
First, aerospace forgings generally choose materials with high specific strength and specific stiffness, and often adopt new materials, constantly putting forward new and higher requirements for drop forging production technology.The application of materials depends on advanced forging technology and also promotes the development of advanced forging technology and equipment. Due to high strength and low plasticity, large forging equipments are generally needed, which have low deformation speed, good deformation temperature control. 

Secondly, the precision and quality of aerospace forgings are higher than those of ordinary mechanical products. Precision forging technology and precision forging parts are widely used in aircraft, engines and auxiliary machines. This can not only improve the economic efficiency, but also improve the performance of the parts, so as to meet the needs of aviation products. For example, the surface integrity of the non-redundant precision forged blades is significantly improved, resulting in a significant increase in the fatigue performance and service life of the blades. In addition, in order to guarantee the reliability and serving life of aerospace forgings, there is a high strict quality control and supervision according to the aerospace forging technology. 

Thirdly, closed die forgings are widely used in aerospace industry, which is another significant feature. In the aerospace industry, in addition that the new aircraft and engines in the development stage not adopt closed die forging process, in general, all small to medium components designed are all produced by closed die forging process, which can ensure the quality of forgings, reduce the machining time, and meet the requirements of stable quality.

Almost all the aerospace forgings are critical components, thus, there is a high requirement on the material selection, forging method and quality control. With nondestructive testing technology, all the aerospace forgings from CFS Forge are ensured with high quality. In our company, we can provide various material types to produce aerospace forgings, including forged steel, forged aluminum and forged copper.

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