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Request a Quote for Drop Forging?

drop forging parts"Were looking for company to forge our PDR tool tips. Tools made from 4140 carbon steel. We need about 10" to 16" taper on one end, check our website out". This is a quote request for drop forging that was sent from one of our customers. From the requested information we know that the material is drop forged steel 4140, which is commonly used material in drop forging process. And the sizes of the drop forged tool tips are from 10" to 16", so we could judge that it is within our forging capacility, too large or too small is not available.

But to offer a quote completely, we still need to know if our customer could send us  the detailed 2d drawing or sample. Since we could do cost estimation of the product correctly, and especially need to note if there is any machining requirements, as machining cost will be added for any machining job,although we have machining capability.

Of course, some customers ever request a quote for drop forging instead of investment casting. Nearly all the people think investment casting is cheaper than drop forging, especially, so when design a new part (follow our drop forging design considerations), designer will consider investment casting first to save costs. But now with the improvement of drop forging process, closed die drop forging is cost-effective and sometimes is cheaper than investment casting. Take 4140 connecting rod for example,the alternative material of 4140 in China is 42CrMo, so normally the kg price for casting a connecting rod is about 1.8usd. But in drop forging,we could offer a price at 1.6usd/kg, whose price is much lower. Pls note both cast or forged connecting rod will require further machining as the main engine component. The difference is that less machining will be done for drop forging, so the machining cost will also be lower than that after casting. Then we will see finished connecting rods by drop forging will be much better than cast ones. Also some internal defects will be avoided by drop forging.

From above analysis, there is no doubt that drop forging is a best choice for your parts manufacturing. Of course, not all the parts can be made in drop forging technic. Just pls send us the drawings of your parts, our technical section will give you a detailed conclusion on your parts to get maximum optimization. Just pls request a quote from us first if you have such project.

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