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What Products Can be Drop Forged?

Products made by drop forging process will be stronger, less or no machining,less defects. So it is widely used for agricultural machinery,mining machinery, oilfield industry, etc. Then you may ask since there are so many advantages, can i make all the metal products in drop forging process? As we always meet quality problems when making our products with casting process, which make us rather confused. The answer is of course not. Now we will discuss what products can be drop forged?

1) Is the shape easy for mold splitting?

All the drop forging parts are pressed and shaped by upper and down molds. So when designing the products, we must ensure the shape is easy for mold splitting. It will be the best if the shape is symmetric. For complex shapes, casting is better.

2) Can the material be forged and quickly formed?

The most commonly used materials for drop forgings are alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel. By contrast, stainless steel is not so good for forging for its weak mobility. But we could forge stainless steel parts into simplified shape and then do machining instead to meet required dimensions, like tee, elbow, etc. But the cost will be higher.

3) Large quantity

When manufacturing, workers need to move the mould to the forging workshop and send back to mould workshop when finish production. Besides, the mold cost is also higher than casting, so if the quantity is short runs, it will be not cost-effective. Large quantity will help to win lower price when ordering.

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