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Drop Forging Defects

Although there are a variety of advantages of drop forging technology compared to other metal forming processes,there may still exsit some defects in hot forging process. Such drop forging defects can be split into two broad types: geometrical defects and non geometrical defects.
drop forging defects
Geometrical Defects of Drop Forging

*Laps and folds: Laps and folds are produced due to improper design of drop forging dies, making the laps created onto the final component which is rather undesirable as make irregular surface finish and also may weaken the product for internal or external cracks.

*Unfilled defects: There may exsit some sections of die cavity not completely filled by the flowing steel. This defects happen due to the improper design of drop forging dies or not using the right forging process.

*Cold shut: This defect appears as a small cracks at the corner of drop forging. This is caused mainly by the improper design of dies.Where in the corner and the fillet radii are small as a result of which metal does not flow properly into the corner and rhe ends up as a cold shut.

Less than optimum process and preform design is the principal cause of most geometrical defects. By understanding the process issues, the drop forging is better able to design its processes to minumize the occurrence of such defects. When the pressor hammer dies close, the workpiece will move in a path of least resistance. It is imperative that the die and preform design creat this least resistant path so that the final result is a sound drop forging. On occasion,the die design may create a situation in which the path of least resistance is the one that results in a defect during drop forging. By examining the various types of geometrical defects, the fundamental cause can be understood and the die designer can produce a die that creats a qualified product.

Non Geometrical Defects of Drop Forging:

*Flakes: There are basically internal ruptures caused by the improper cooling of forging, rapid cooling causes the exterior to cool quickly causing internal fractures. This can be remedied by following proper cooling practices.

*Scale pits: This is seen as irregular deputations on the surface of drop forging. This is mainly caused due to improper cleaning of the stock used for forging. The oxide and scale get embedded into the finish drop forging surface. When forgings are cleaned by pickling,there are seen as deputations on the surface of drop forging products.

Above are some common defects of drop forgings, but you will not worry about such defects in our company, as we will have a district quality control system to ensure you all qualified products. Just pls follow our buying guide and contact us while you have any needs of closed die drop forgings.
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