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Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Forged Wear Parts

tungsten carbide coatings for forged wear partsIn our closed die drop forging products, there is a top demand for wears parts. So called "wear parts" refer to metal components assembled to these machines which work in rather serious woking condition, such as mining, forest, agriculture, and so on. And these wear parts will directly work in soft soil, sandy soil or rock environment. So most of them are designed in drop forging process with better mechanical properties, although the cost might be higher than made in casting. In addition, to meet maximum wear resistance, wear parts manufacturers will use tungsten carbide tiled to forged wear parts body, so that they will have a longer woking life and save cost.

Production process of tungsten tiled wear parts

*Dies making for forged wear parts-according to the structure of wear parts, engineer will decide if they are fitted for closed die drop forging and decide the split line, then machine the forging dies with our advanced cnc machines. Normally the tooling cost is higher than that of casting for its precision dimensions and die material, normally between 2000-3000usd.

*Forging-after material is purchased, the metal bars will be cutted into small billets, and heating them to high temperature for easily deformed to expected shapes, second forging can be done if there is errors on dimensions after first forging.

*Machining-In most cases, we will machine the sections where tungsten carbide will be coated to the body of wear parts for better surface finish.

*Brazing-In fact, no only forging process require dies, but also tungsten carbide manufacturing also need dies for desired shapes as the drawing. After making tungsten carbides, they will be directly brazed to the forged body with brazing rods, then rough machine the welding section to remove extra cooper.

Application of tungsten carbide wear parts

Tungsten carbide wear parts are widely used in mining, agricutural and forest machinery for its high wear resistance, typical products applied in these industries are foundation drill bits, auger teeth, agricultural wear parts, stump grinder teeth, mulcher hammer, ect. Our company is the end manufacturer of custom all kinds of forged wear parts in China. With our advanced forging and brazing technology, we have won great reputation from our clients. No matter you are wear parts dealers/importers or equipment manufacturers, just pls contact us for your supplier, we believe you will be impressed in our good services, low prices and timely delivery.

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