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What is Forged Steel?

Forged steel is a forging process made in steel. Early forged steel types were developed in China and Persia. Traditionally forged steel is manufacturered by a smith. Since 1800s, modern forged steel was started. To make forged steel, workers have to heat metals to high temperature so that it could be easily shaped into desired dimensions. Today forged steel is used in a number of industries.
Forged Steel
Benefits of forged steel
  • Forged steel require an initial cost for the design and making of dies. But it has low recurring cost for each parts, so drop forging gradually become more economical with large volume.
  • During drop forging process, metals are shaped to follow the designed shape of part while its internal grain deforms. Then, the grain is continuous throughout the part and make forged steel parts with improved strength. Therefore, forged steel has higher strength to weight ratio compared to cast steel,at least 20% higher.
  • Forged steel is the right alternation of aluminum for its low cost in many applications. And forged steel has three times as strongth as aluminium although it is much heavier.
Difference Between Forged Steel and Cast Steel

Cast steel is the steel parts produced by using casting way. Cast steel can be divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and cast special steel. Cast steel is main used to make parts with complex shapes and forging can not meet. Forged steel is the steel parts with forging process. The quality of forged steel is much better than that of cast steel and it can bear large impact with good ductility, toughness and other mechanical properties. So forged steel is the first choice for some important parts. In a word, after forging compress, the internal organization of steel forging will be more dense, improve crystal structure of steel, eliminate the cap, thus to improve the material strength and toughness. However, as cast steel parts are made by pouring steel liquid into molds and cooling to the desired shapes. So cast steel is with bad strength, and large internal stess.

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