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Anodized Aluminum Forgings

Anodizing uses acid to create a corrosion- and wear-resistant layer on the surface of aluminum forgings, which is one of the common surface finishes on forged aluminum parts. The process of anodizing also changes the crystal structure near the surface of aluminum forgings, which allows you to dye the forged aluminum part a bright color. It protects against corrosion, enhances aesthetic qualities, resists scratching and is one of the most durable surface finishes available after aluminum forging.

anodized aluminum forgings

To prepare aluminum forgings for anodizing and ensure the good surface effect, the surface is first thoroughly polished or machined, and then placed into a bath of some electrolytic solution like sulfuric acid. An electrolyte is an electrically conductive solution with lots of positive and negative ions that it wants to swap.

A positive electric charge is applied to the aluminum forging part, making it the “anode”, while a negative charge is applied to plates suspended in the electrolyte. The electric current in this circuit causes positive ions to be attracted to the negative plates, and negative ions to flock to the positive anode, the piece of aluminum forging.

There are several color options for anodized aluminum forgings, taking forged aluminum brake lever for example, one of our customer needs 5 colors: silver natural, black, red light, blue and light grey. This multi-colored anodized aluminum forgings are available from CFS Forge. After coloring, anodized aluminum forgings have a characteristic “metallic” look. This is caused by two factors. One, because of the uniform electro-chemical etching, a rough surface is left behind. The deeper the pores, the rougher the surface will be but the colors will also be that much more durable. Secondly, light striking the surface partly interacts with the colorant and partly with the uncolored metal at the top. So the light that bounces back to strike your eye will in fact be a combination of two distinct wavelengths interacting as they reflect from slightly different surfaces. This causes the distinctive shine of anodized aluminum forgings.

At CFS Drop Forge, we strive to creat best quality anodized aluminum forgings for our customers with reasonable prices. We do our best to build long term business relationships with our customers. If you have an inquiry of anodized aluminum forging project, pls contact our drop forging company!


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