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How to Source Precision Forgings from China?

Price is the major factor that most American and Eourpean compaines source precision forgings in China. Especially for those precision forging distributors, they has a district control on the cost of finished precision forging parts. As a leading precision forging company in China, we would like to talk about how to source precision forgings in China. This article will guide our customers to source more prefessional precision forging manufacturers, and avoid any loss during the whole purchasing process.

1) Contact: When you have a project of precision forging at hand, for cost consideration, there is no doubt that China precision forging companies is preferred. But how to contact with a good Chinese supplier? The most simple way is to search them by search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. Then you can see a company list about precision forging. Click on each website, and check the capabilities of each company, choose some precision forging companies with good capabilities. 

2) Request for quotation: Send the drawing of your precision forging parts to some potential suppliers. After receiving the price of each precision forging company, you can select few to have a deep understanding. It is not a wise choice for you to contact with one whose price is the lowest. You will get what you pay, right? Pls note quotation is also an important process for buyer to learn more about the suppliers. From this process, you can know if the supplier is the right one for your precision forging part.

3) Arrange a visit: Once confirm a Chinese supplier, it is necessary to arrange one day time to visit the the factory. If this is the first time to visit China, pls do not worry, you can ask the sales manager you contact to order ticket, hotel, etc for you. And we can pick you up at the local hotel or other places to our factory. The visiting will actually prove if we have the capabilities to supply you high quality precision forgings.

4) Sample testing: A trail order for 1 off sample of precision forgings for testing is vital before mass production. Once receiving the sample, pls check both dimensions & tolerance, material compositions, hardness if required, etc. It is better if the supplier can offer you full reports about the first sample.

5) Mass production: Once the sample is approved, it is time to proceed for mass production. If the order quantity is large, you can also ask for the first delivery of some samples from mass production precision forgings for inspection by air. Or arrange a visit again to test yourself if you have enough time and budget.

In conclusion, cooperating with a good precision forging supplier is very important for your project. Any wrong decision will cause both time and money time. We, CFS Forege, are the specialized precision forging manufacturer for more than 30 years. Thanks to our high quality, competitive prices and good service, we always win good reputation from our customers. If you are now in the status of sourcing precision forgings from China, pls feel free to contact us.

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