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Modern forging is a precise technique requiring a high degree of skill and production capabilties. Forging is primarily a custom process that creats stronger parts and components for various industries. Custom forgings are the forgings made according to the drawings or sample from customers. Here the custom forgings we are talking about are using closed die forging method, not open die forging. Compared to standard forgings, which have finished mold&dies developing, there is an extra cost for forging dies.

custom forgingIn our company, most drop forged products are all custom steel forgings excluding some standard high pressure pipe fittings. We are the manufacturer of custom forgings in China, and could serve you custom forgings in high strength, close tolerance and low cost. Our forging buying guide will introduce buying procedure in detail.

Benefits of Custom Forgings
  • No Shape Limitation: Here the "shape" refers to those products that suitable for forging technique, not other metal forming process. Only if the products can be made in forging process, then there is no shape limitation. We can custom any shapes as you like following your drawings.
  • No material limitation: Here the "material"refer to any steel specifications that can be forged. We can make custom forgings in stainless steel, alloy steel or carbon steel.
  • No process limitation: There are many production processes to finish a whole forging. And for custom forgings, we could offer you products in status of forging blanks,or machined forgings.
  • No package limitation: To protect custom forgings from damage, they will be packed before delivery. Our company can also pack your products according to your requirements.
Our Capabilities for Custom Forgings
  • Weight range: Normally we could customize closed die forgings ranging from 200g-30kg. Of course, it is not definite, it is mainly decided according to the product structure, then we will see if our forging press could forge.
  • Machining capability: We have machining ablility as well. Our machining includes precision machining for forging dies, and rough machining for products after forging.
  • Industry served: All forgings applied in any industry can be customized.
  • Surface treatment: We could do any surface treatment as requested, most used surface treatment for custom forgings are painting, zinc plating, ect.
Fly Forge supplies custom forgings to many different industries all over the world. These industries include: agriculture, construction, marine, oilfield, pump, valve, hydraulic industries as well as many others. Our custom and near-net shape forging solutions mean fewer machining operations, reduced weight and lower costs for raw materials.

At Fly Forge, we have the skills and experience to create custom forged parts based on your original drawings, sketches or old sample. When we get a request for forging, our engineering group will get involved, also work as a metallurgist. Contact us today with your forging challenges and specifications, our team will work with you to capitalize on our capabilities to minimize material waste and reduce process inefficiencies.

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