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Copper Forging Company in China

In copper forging process, a metal part is heated and formed into a predetermined shape between a set of dies. The process involves heating a metal slug and then pressing it into shape within a die cavity. Not only is the metal shaped, but the forging process also improves the mechanical and physical properties of the part. Forging today is performed on high-speed automatic equipment.

The forging process referred to throughout this publication is performed in presses, also identified as closed-die or impression die forging. While there are other methods of producing forgings, they are unlikely to yield parts suitable for current industrial products.

Why Use Copper Forging?

copper forging china

Copper has many advantages, such as high heat conductivity and high electrical conductivity. However, the most striking feature of copper forged products is its malleability and excellent machinability, which are recycled many times without compromising its mechanical properties.

In addition, it also has non-magnetic and corrosion resistance, widely used in various industries:
  • Pump and valve assembly for high wear and corrosive environments.

Copper Forging Company in China

CFS Drop Forge is one of the top copper forging companies in China. We are registered with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 with 150 employees.

Our team manufactures with drop forgings out of copper, brass and bronze for all industrial application.

With the electro- hydraulic forging press, forgings up to a weight of 50 kg can be manufactured. Therefore these purpose necessary parameters which are steered precisely such as the temperature of the tool and the rough stamping, the velocity of transforming and the shaping energy are basic requirements for a high quality deformation.

Of course, the parts are also machined and accordingly surface-treated. In order to react fast and flexible on our customers wishes and requirements, we have a tool design shop. With a high performance CAD / CAM-system, one of the most modern analytic material-flow-simulation-programs and HSC machines, we are able to build high quality tools for high-value requirement on short notice.

As the reputable copper forging manufacturers in China, we offer you the most efficient way to make low cost copper products. We offer products such as such as copper pipe fitting & tube, bronze building material, and precision machined copper parts.

We work with common grades of copper alloy such as:
C22000 Bronze (90% Copper/ 10% Zinc)
C23000 Red Brass (85% Copper/ 15% Zinc)
C26000 Yellow Brass (70% Copper/ 30% Zinc)
C38500 Architectural Bronze (57% Copper/ 3% Lead/ 40% Zinc)
C65500 Silicon Bronze (97% Copper/ 3% Silicon)
C12200 Copper (99.90% Copper/ 0.02% Phosphorous)

Why us?

1. China Cost Structure: Compared to U.S. factories, our costs are drastically (30%-50%) lower.

2. Competency: We have mature quality assurance processes, a dedicated QC team, in-house bilingual engineering capabilities, and an experienced leadership team.

3. Communication: We are English-speaking. Fluent engineering communication is vital in custom manufacturing. 

4. Quality: We are familiar with western quality standards.  We are ISO 9001 certified, and own a 20,000 sq. feet facility in Ningbo for forging, machining, quality testing, assembly, packaging and warehousing.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.  If you would like to make your copper forgings in China, please email us at cathy.forge@cnool.net or call 0086-574-27851388.

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