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Why Us for Your Drop Forging Manufacturer?

With its long history of drop forging in China, CFS Forge has now become a large scale leading supplier for companies all over the world. By hardworking of all the staff, we are now cooperating with many large companies in different industries. And even now many new companies also find us to customize drop forgings for you by search engine or other B2B marketplace. So why us? Comparing with other drop forging companies, what are our advantages?

Advanced equipments and skills
*Extensive experience in preforming processes
*Material expertise with alloy steel and other steel grades
*Tight tolerance capabilities via precision equipments
*Expertise in utilizing impression-die hammer and forging press techniques for complex shaped components

Excellent operations
*We could design and make molds in house directly, no need to find outsourcing mold factory.
*Wide range of secondary processes, like precision machining, surface treatment.
*Our strong technical team will give you value-added engieering support, laser mark letters, etc.
*We focus on customer service and try our best to follow customers' advice
*Could make drop forgings for different industries

Cost advantage
*In house mold and machining capabilities reduce lead time and costs.
*Located in Ningbo, a sea-port city, will help you save lost of delivery cost.

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