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Why Buyers Source Forged Aluminum Parts From China Companies?

Forging is one of the main manufacturing ways to provide metal blanks for mechanical parts to various industries. The advantage of forging production lies in: it can not only obtain the desired shape, but also improve the internal organization of materials and mechanical properties. For the important mechanical parts with large force and high mechanical performance requirements, most of them are made by forging. Forging parts account for 80% of aircraft parts, 70% of tank parts, 60% of automobile parts. Hydraulic turbine spindle, impeller, rotor, ring guard, etc. in the power industry are all forged.It can be seen that forging production occupies an extremely important position in the industrial applications.

Forged aluminum has the advantages of low density and high strength, so it has been widely used in various industries. Aluminum forging is becoming the main production process of various mechanical parts. Generally, any part forged with low carbon steel can be forged with aluminum alloy in aluminum forging companies. Forged Aluminum parts in various forging equipments such as forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic press, die forging, rolling forging and die forging. Generally speaking, aluminum forgings with small size, simple shape and wide tolerance requirements can be easily forged on the forging hammer, but for aluminum forgings with large specifications and severe deformation requirements, hydraulic press is used for forging. Aluminum forgings with large and complex integral structures must be produced by large hydraulic die forging press. For large precision ring parts, precision ring rolling machine should be used for rolling forging.

With transportation toward modernization and high speed development, the lightweight of transportation become increasingly intense. With the obvious trend of aluminum instead of steel, especially for the demands of high lightweight degree of aircraft, spacecraft, railway vehicle, subway, high-speed trains, freight cars, motorcycle, ships, artillery, tanks and other important mechanical parts, in recent years, aluminum forgings are extensive used to replace the original steel forgings. For example, aircraft structures almost all adopt the aluminum forgings. Aluminum forgings have been used to manufacture automotive wheels, bumpers, base girders, loading wheels for tanks, turrets, moving rings for helicopters, cylinders for trains, fuselages for woodworking machinery, frames for textile machinery, tracks, etc. Moreover, there is a substantial increase in the use of aluminum forgings to replace some aluminum castings.

Due to the low cost of aluminum alloy materials and low labor force in China, more and more European and American companies come to China to buy aluminum forgings. With the increasing demand of aluminum forgings, many aluminum forging companies were built in recent years. Like CFS Forge, the order quantity of aluminum forgings in our company is keeping increasing by 30% every year, which urges us to continuously increase the production lines of aluminum forgings to meet our customers' demand of large orders.

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