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Are Closed Die Forgings Expensive?

Closed die forging is a metal forging tecnology for precision parts. Such process is usually considered especially for safety factor because of its good performance and strength. So closed die forging is quite popular in producing automotive and non-automotive sectors. And we can see a lots of closed die forging factories in different scales all over the world, some are for steel forgings, some for aluminum forgings, and others are for copper forgings. There is no doubt that advantages of closed die forging over investment casting are obvious, so many people may put forward a question: "Are closed die forgings expensive?"

Normally the price of a new developed closed die forging product consists of tooling cost and unit cost. Tooling cost means all the dies cost and sometimes fixture cost to ensure perfect dimensions and tolerances. By contrast, casting tooling is much simple, so the tooling cost of closed die forging is much higher, normally at 1500usd-4000usd. Unit cost will depend on material specification, heat treatment, and machining or not, ect. Comparing with investment casting parts, the size accuracy of closed die forging is better for different production processes. So we can see why closed die forging is more expensive. Even so, many customers prefer to choose closed die forging for their products for its advantages.

We, Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,Ltd, are a Chinese closed die forging factory in China. All our closed die forgings are exported to overseas market, like America, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, ect. Our reasonable prices help us to promote the cooperation with our clients. Follow our PO produce and contact us if there is any inquiry for closed die forging products. We will revert to you in 7*24 hours!
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