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Looking for a custom forging solution from CFS Drop Forge?

Except standard forgings, drop forging is mostly a custom forging process that mainly produced according to customers' drawings or samples. When a design is finished,our customers will look for a proper drop forging manufacturer with good quality and competitive prices for their products. We, CFS Drop Forge is just the right choice for your custom forging solution.

In the past 15 years, due to our continuous hard working and improvement of our drop forging process, we are now supplying our customers custom forgings in below two forging methods:

1) Closed die forging: Closed die forging is the most conventional custom forging process for metal parts. It is more suitable for parts with simple shape, less budget, wide tolerance requirement.

2) Precision forging: Precision forging is an improved forging solution for small parts after closed die forging process. Compared with traditional forging process, precision forging can forge parts with more complex shapes, also it is flashless, which can save materials. But in total, the cost of precision forging is higher for its high tooling cost and operation cost.

Comparing with other drop forging suppliers, below are the benefits that looking for a custom forging solution from us:

1) CFS Drop Forge can not only supply forging blanks,but secondary operations (machining, heat treatment, custom package, ect) are also available in our company, pls check our drop forging services for detail.

2) Our custom capabilities and in-house engineering expertise allow us to provide exceptional value to our customers. Our custom forgings have been used in a variety of applications spanning countless industries.

3) We have a strong engineering team, who can help you to design the parts with drop forging solution. This will without doubt add your competition in your local market or improve the application.

4) Located in China, by advantages of our cheap material sourcing and relevant low labour cost, our custom forgings are always competitive in overseas market, that is why many purchasers would like to turn to China for their forging solution.

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