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Importing closed die forgings from China on a regular basis?

Together with investment casting, closed die forging is also one of the main metal forming processes for precision parts. Comparing with closed die forging companies in other countries(USA,UK,Canada), it will be much cheaper to custom closed die forgings in China for its low material cost, low larour cost, ect. So after China took part in WTO in new century, more and more people import closed die forgings from China on a regular basis.

Then how to import closed die forgings from China?

First of all, importers should have a basis understanding on Chinese closed die forging market. Ningbo is the main production base for closed die forging parts. We can see lots of closed die forging factories with different scales in Ningbo. Take our company as example, Fly Drop Forge is the largest closed die forging factory in Ningbo with 150 workers. Each year, we deliver about 10000t products to countries around the world. By virtue of its good geographical advantage(Ningbo seaport), we can arrange delivery in the shortest time.

Secondly, due to distance reason, importers should know how the look for a reliable closed die forging manufacturer. At present, there are a lot of ways to search,such as trade shows/exhibitions (Bauma show,Canton show,ect), search engine, B2B marketplace, ect. Trading show is the most direct way to contact closed die forging supplier, but it will cost 
importers a lot of time and money. For b2b, importers may see a lot of companies introducing their company information and products, but they also need to pay for a member, and some are just trading company, not manufacturer. So the most effective way to find closed die forging manufacturers is from search engine, like google. From google,you will see official websites of closed die forging companies and contact them directly from their website. Most important is that it is free of cost.

Thirdly, you will first find a closed die forging manufacturer that has no communication barrier in English. Even if each factory has their own salers, only few sales person can speak English well. It seems quite important for good learning in English as no errors are allowed to ensure technical requirements. Any misunderstand may cause a big loss for both manufacturers and importers.

Finally, if you want to import closed die forgings from China on a regular basis, then it is quite important to choose a good closed die forging manufacturer. Here "a good closed die forging manufacturer" does not mean who can provide you lowest price. Importers must consider a closed die forging factory in a comprehensive way. Like the production capacity, quality control, delivery, these all should be taken into account. Of course, it will be better if you could arrange a visit so that there is a face-to-face communication to learn more about the supplier.

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