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Why Closed Die Drop Forging is Also Called Impression Die Forging?

Closed die forging is one of the drop forging processes (another is open die forging), which is mainly for precion small parts using forging technology to achieve better surface finish and performance. In fact, the original name of closed die drop forging is impression die forging, closed die forging is just compared to open die forging. We call this process impression die forging because billets are impressed on the dies to get deformed to create a new part.

In closed die drop forging, two halves of dies are pressed together at a high pressure to shape a metal bar into desired dimensions. This is also a closed process as the dies completely closed together in times to form a part. Most commonly, this form of die forging is used to create 3D metal shapes, such as solid metal parts and other metal pieces that have a solid design and 3D shape. The metals most commonly used with this form of die forging include drop forged steel, aluminum, and titanium.

The reason that most buyers choose closed die drop forging rather than casting is that with impression die forging process, the metal will produce new grain structure, thus to change the mechnical properties of the products. Sometime, even we improve the performance by rehardening after casting, the metal part may get weaker. Buyers also like this process because it can be finished in one machine, which will save much labour cost. Many other metal forming processes will require the working of many machines to heat, shape and cool the products, then they can be sent for surface finish. Impression die forging is a hot forging process, which is more consequential for large production runs. So pls do not hesitate to contact us for requesting a quote for drop forging.

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