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Is Closed Die Forging the Right Option for You?

closed die forging optionClosed die forging is a form of impression die forging that uses two or more dies. It does not depend on flash formation to completely fill the die. Material is formed in a cavity that allows little or no escape of excess material, thus placing greater demands on die design. More elaborate die designs provide for more complex shapes than the open-die forging process. A variety of metals and alloys cans be forged using closed die forging process.

Closed Die Forging is largely focused on extremely high quality applications. Closed die forged materials are required where strength,reliability and resistance to fatigue are top most considerations. As such, forged materials are found throughout the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. 

So the application of closed die forging parts is wide. We can use this process for almost all the  precision metal parts.There are a lot of advantages of closed die forging, like it can produce near net shape parts to reduce machining job. But it does not mean closed die forging is suitable for all the metal parts design. When engineer designs a new part,you need to pay attention if closed die forging is the right option for you. It may does not work if the new designed parts is too thin or too thick.

In our company, we can only use closed die forging process to make products in steel, so in terms of material, we can call them steel forgings, such closed die forgings are mainly ranging from 0.2kg-50kg according to our equipments. For larger parts, open die forging may be more suitable, see differences between open die forging and closed die forging...

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