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Convert Your Casting Part into Forging?

When choosing a metalworking process for your parts, you should be always confused at this problem. When designers or users begin to evaluate the benefits and performance of forgings with castings (forging vs casting), they should realize that forging can offer competitive price-wise while delivering top-quality components. Additionally, with the develop of forging technology, modern forging facilities are able to produce forgings for applications with more complex shapes.

Forging is the ideal solution to your project when our customers meet one of below situations:
  • Your component is critical part for application.
  • Current design is always facing problems unlike what our customer expected.
  • You spend too much time and cost searching for a good casting supplier.
  • You parts from casting manufactures has quality problem, also some of products are bad quality.
  • Long lead time of the current casting design, which result in high losses of revenue.
Pls note forging can not 100% replace of steel castings at present.  In some situations, casting is the best solution. If you insist on our forging technology, then you might have to change the design slightly so that your part can be shaped in our forging equipments. But if the design can not be changed, then you can not convert your casting part into forging. When working closely with your forging supplier, you should state your project in detail at the beginning of your project which outlines all your related issues. By the end of your discussions, your forging partner will be able to provide a solution that best solve the problems.

Why Cooperate with CFS Forge for Forging Convertion?

CFS Forging brings the knowledge of engineers, metallurgists and forging experts to work with your team. We can help you to achieve long term cost reductions and short lead times through:
  • Evaluating the working condition of your products.
  • Customizing materials for your application
  • Acquiring near net shape parts not previously available
  • Achieving component reduction
  • Improving part quality and metal integrity
  • Remove unnecessary processing
Successful Cases:

Case 1: A customer, involved in construction equipment manufacturer, met poor casting quality problem in a long time. Working with CFS Forge, they were able to convert the casting to a forging which removed all re-work and weld repair from their process and allowed them to provide a better quality component to their customer. We saved around six processing hours per piece.

Case 2: Another customer, involved in mining industry, whose casting supplier can not meet their high production demand. This result in a potential loss of a large amount business. CFS Forge has the ability to offer a forging solution that met the high volumes and quick delivery demand at low cost. Thus, we became their long term partner for forging components.

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