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Do You Really Get the Cheapest Quote for Closed Die Forging?

Before placing an order, you will first get several quotations from potential closed die forging suppliers, some are manufacturers and some are trading companies. Importing closed die forging from China has been a popular trend for clients for its price advantage. And it has been too easy for purchasing manager with the sign-off to pick the "cheapest" 
quote without understanding what quality and partnership he is getting.

What we would like to remind you is that it will be a big mistake if just choose your closed die forging supplier who provides you the cheapest quotation.Just as a Chinese going says: "You get what you pay for". For distance factor, foreign customers can only find closed die forging suppliers from search engine. It is not actual for them to visit the potential suppliers right away for high travel expense. So quotation is the most direct factor they can consider a supplier. As a closed die forging company, we suggest more consideration factors, for example, if the supplier is manufacturer or not, what the capabilities are, lead time, ect. All these factors will help you to choose a most suitable supplier in a comprehensive way. Well because that's what we have here and if we quote a customer for closed die forging, we must make it work and work to the best of it's ability for it to be a profitable and sustainable project.

If you have the 3D or 2D drawing and annual demands from your customer, the closed die forging parts can be quoted. We usually need the following information: 
  • Material of the part (for choosing the steel of closed die forging).--It is necessary.
  • Quantity (large quantity will help to achieve cheaper quotation).
  • Heat treatment(to improve product property).--It is optional.
  • Surface treatment
  • Machining(depend on your assembling requirement)
  • Package
Of course the more information, the price is more accurate. As options, you can also provide sample to us.

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